Buy Aurogra Tablets 100 mg Online to Spice up Your Love Life

From AuroChem Laboratories, Aurogra is a safe ED medication with FDA-approved slidenafil citrate, an active ingredient that inhibits PDE-5 enzyme, enhances blood flow around the genital area and improves erections. A cheaper alternative to branded and expensive impotence drugs, it is a powerful medication that becomes active in just 15 minutes and stays in the body for 4 to 6 hours. Look at its key benefits:

  • Ensures stronger and longer lasting erections
  • Available in varied dosages and strengths
  • Safe medicine for a long lasting pleasure
  • Works instantly within just 15 minutes
  • Enables multiple orgasms for you

Aurogra Tablets

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DOs & DON'T's for Using Cheap Aurogra Tablets UK

  • Don't mix this drug with fatty meals, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine
  • Consume it with water around 30 to 45 minutes before intercourse
  • While the normal dose is 50 mg, don't cross maximum limit, 100 mg
  • Don't take it if you have kidney, liver, heart or blood pressure issues
  • Avoid if you feel allergic to slideanfil or if you are taking other ED pills
  • Take this drug only if you plan to engage in sexual intercourse ahead


The most common side effects of this medication may include blurred vision, hearing disorder, stomach upset, facial flushing, heartburn, dizziness, headache, etc. These effects commonly occur to users, but disappear within a few hours without causing any medical complication. However, if you experience rare but serious effect such as prolonged erections lasting for over 5 hours, consult a doctor or pharmacist.